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With astonishing white sands, influencing palm trees and precious stone blue waters, this is the quintessential picture-idealize occasion There’s no place better for a far from everything wedding trip

Don’t simply restrict yourself to one island, a Multi-Center Maldives Holidays are simpler than you may might suspect

Wonderful plunging and snorkeling – numerous islands have their own particular house reef

Maldives is paradise for honeymooners, the Maldives is an engaging area for honeymooners and couples searching for a picturesque and sentimental withdraw. Be that as it may, the islands have much to offer families too, from dazzling confined shorelines to elating water sports, chronicled points of interest and social hotspots to investigate.

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About Maldives:

The Maldives are an archipelago of 1,192 coral islands grouped into 26 coral atolls (200 inhabited islands, plus 80 islands with tourist resorts) in the Indian Ocean. It is located south of India and Sri Lanka and is a part of Southern Asia.
Local Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa (1 MVR ≈ 0.053 £)
Capital City: Male
Language: Dhivehi, English.
Flight time from London: Approximately 10 hours.
Arrival Airport: Male International Airport.
British passport holders will get on arrival visa for 30 days.


Maldives has some best world class Resort to choose from. These resort rank among the best in world and provide some exciting and deals time to time. Most resorts take up their own island, implying that the proportion of shoreline to visitors must be one of the best on the planet and it is difficult to envision that you could ever need to battle to locate your own particular private bit of shoreline to unwind on. Always look for Maldives Holidays Packages beforehand to get attractive offers and deals in resorts.
Overwater bungalow is one of the classic feature of these resorts and can be affordable if booked months in advance and in off season time. You can always send an enquiry to us for all inclusive Maldives overwater bungalow. You can book these awesome accommodations just by calling to our travel expert or requesting a quote for Maldives holiday on our website.

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All Inclusive Maldives Overwater bungalow.

Guesthouses on occupied islands are now among the quickest growing sector in Maldives. Compare to Resorts they offers affordable accommodation and services and is best option for travellers who want to explore the atolls and have a holiday within their budget.
One should also know that the numbers of rooms are less compared to what are offered in resorts.

Activities on holidays to the Maldives:

Holidays to the Maldives can be very exciting and memorable with the below activities.

Maldives Submarine Dive:
On the off chance that you have never been on a submarine, this is your opportunity to go and make a plunge a standout amongst the most exceptional traveller visitor submarines on the planet. One should take this chance to explore the underwater world and be face to face with the creatures which inhabit the seas.

Male’ City Tour:
Male is once in a while rejected by explorers as an insignificant travel goal with “nothing to do” and it is without a doubt not a gathering place. Surprisingly it does have its own character, with colourful houses, narrow streets, spray painting and a solid mutual feel. It is recommended to spend some time and explore capital city if you have enough time.

Snorkelling &Scuba Diving:
The atolls are all coral reefs hundreds of kilometres away from any major landmass, and with water so clear and transparent you will be amazed by the beauty of mother earth. One can easily find Manta rays, sharks, schools of fishes and many water creatures underwater. Scuba Diving and Snorkelling is among the most famous water adventure activities in Maldives and hence also expensive. It is always a better option to book it in advance to save money.

The Maldives is turning into an undeniably well-known surfing goal. Turquoise water and flawless waves makes it a perfect and uncrowded goal for surfers searching for smooth surfing conditions. The best time frame for surfing in the Maldives is amongst March and October; the greatest waves happen in June, July and August.

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Maldivian cuisine rotates to a great extent around fish, which are majorly influenced from the Sri Lankan and south Indian Cuisine. Dishes are regularly hot, zesty and seasoned with coconut, yet utilise very few vegetables.
Popular Cuisine are:

Dhon Riha
Theluli Mas (spicy fried fish).

Theluli faa Banbukeyo
Banbukeylu Harisa

Grilled and Fried Fish
Fihunu Mas
Bis Keemiyaa

Banbukeyo Bondibai
Dhonkeyo Kajuru

Masala Chai



Places to see in Maldives

Maldives are famous for their beautiful beaches and awesome landscape. You can do snorkeling scuba diving and lots of activities. Apart from the sea there is lot to see in Maldives. Historic places, museums etc. here is the list of top places you can see on Maldives holidays.
1. Malé Friday Mosque
2. National Museum
3. Islamic Centre
4. HP Reef
5. Banana Reef
6. Manta Point
7. Alimatha Island
8. Sun Island Resort and Spa
9. Bluetribe Moofushi

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