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Expedition cruises are the ideal voyage for those who crave adventure. Capture the spirit of explorers of the past with a voyage into the most remote and isolated corners of the world, but with many of the comforts and amenities of a modern cruise ship.

Voyage in search of polar bears in the north or penguins in the south, discover the diversity of the Amazon rainforest or simply find your own private oasis in the Galapagos.

Generally smaller than most regular cruise ships, expedition voyages allow you to reach destinations off the beaten track with more flexible ports of call as the destinations are more often determined by the forces of nature. It’s not unusual for these journeys to change course to take advantage of weather, sea conditions, wildlife sightings or any other occurrence.

No matter the weather, your experienced expedition crew will guide you to discover unique nature-based experiences in the most off-the-beaten-track places.

Life on board ship is not only an opportunity to explore, but it is also an opportunity to learn. With lectures delivered by various naturalists and scientists on the culture, history, biology, ecology or anthropology of their vessel’s destinations, this offers a unique perspective and hands-on attention you can’t get out of a guidebook.

These experts will act as expedition guides, using their knowledge to ensure that you make the most of your time onboard. You may also have an onboard photographer to help you take the best photographs of the wildlife and scenery.

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Discover the coldest, driest and windiest parts of the planet with an expedition cruise to the Polar Regions of Antarctica and the Arctic. Here it is so extreme and remote that it barely feels like it’s part of the Earth at all. These are places you simply can’t get to on your own, where you can go in search of polar bears, massive icebergs, and jawdroppingly beautiful fjords. A truly once in a lifetime cruise experience.
Not your average destination for an expedition cruise, yet colourful, warm and teeming with life. An expedition cruise to these waters will allow you to explore, dive, kayak and see up close the isolated cays, soft white-sand beaches and lively towns of these dream destinations. Available to some of the most spectacular sights in North America, from small cities to the untamed wilderness of great National Parks.
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