9 Reasons Why People Love To Travel

Why do people travel? We always travel at some point of our life which maybe for leisure or for work. Some people travel to live while other live to travel , the reasons lies on individual perception towards once life. The real question is “Do we really need a reason to travel?” Travelling is a part of our life and the knowledge and experience you get define who you are and your purpose. If you still want reasons to travel, we have 9 reasons why people should travel which will convince you to book your ticket to your favourite destination and get lost in the wanderlust.

1. Travel broadens your outlook towards life

Among the many benefits of traveling, the biggest impact of it is that it broadens your mind and life. Travelling enables us to have an open mind and helps us experience life in a way which could not be possible in our home country.

”You cannot speak of the ocean to a frog that lives in a well”BILL VAUGHAN

From meeting new individuals, attempting new cuisines, encountering new societies and seeing new sights, travel gives you experience and new perspectives. It gives us power to reconstruct our thinking and the way we define life which is many times better than learning things at a later stage and getting disappointed at not being able to try to live your life to the full potential.

2. Good for your health

How can traveling benefit people? Studies have shown many health benefits of traveling and among the many, travel reduces stress levels which tend to reduce the risk of heart diseases. It also keeps our brains fit and active and for most, helps to balance a fit and healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, whilst travelling you come across places with spiritual and healing properties which help us cleanse our soul, rejuvenate the body and boost our immune systems.

3. Explore your creative self

Travel is the infinite source of creativity. Visiting new countries with traditions and cultures enables us to gain knowledge in a very short amount of time. Diverse experiences are also useful for creativeness since they impact us to take a look at issues from different perspectives. In short, travelling helps us achieve and create what we want to, and reach a place of creative confidence.

4. Listening to your gut instincts

Many people suffer from this acute case of not following what they really want in life and get stuck in the day to day life or job. The best way to deal with this problem is to challenge yourself. We all have that craving to face new things and experiences in life, and the best thing to fulfil this is to travel. It pushes people’s beliefs and gets them out of your comfort zone. People who listen to their gut instinct always get what they want.
When you get out of the comfort zone you are exposed to the outer world or the real world. You get to know what your real limits are and how resourceful you are. You might be in a different country where you don’t understand the language, but you manage to make your way out of there and still enjoy the nature, the beauty, the people and the experiences the place has to offer. After you successfully complete the trip, you get the most amazing feeling in the world. You feel proud about yourself, your confidence certainly boosts up, you make some awesome friends ,you socialize more, you become more positive and most importantly, you feel happy about yourself and all those things reflects from your behaviour in your day to day life.
So always listen to your gut instinct and start preparing for your next journey in life.

5. To see the bigger picture

People also travel because they want to challenge their beliefs. They want to see things for themselves, what exactly is happening in other parts of the world, and they want to broaden their perspective about things and people in the world. It helps open your mind about different cultures. It makes you realize, that we all are different but we all are the same in the deeper sense. When you talk to the people around the world, you realize the views they have are not always the same as yours. You start to get a bigger picture of the world.
When you travel, your view becomes wide, your notions and beliefs start to change, and you search for new possibilities. You become global from your mind set and this is the best reward you can get from travelling.

6. Get to know yourself better

Getting away from home will give you the opportunity to ponder about your life. You get the needed space and time to let the mind work. Through travelling, you get to know more about yourself.
You create a healthy relationship with yourself, you accept your flaws, you accept your mistakes, you admit to your emotions, you just let go off the things you were holding onto for so long. This way, you can show others who you really are. It gives people a chance to love you more and to open yourself to others; it will make your life a little better.

are. It gives people a chance to love you more and to open yourself to others; it will make your life a little better.

7. Strengthening relationships

Of all the travellers who shared their experiences, most of them said that the biggest advantage of travelling is, you get a chance to strengthen your relationships with your loved ones. A family holiday with your kids, a weekend getaway with friends, adventure ride with the guys, beach holidays with the girls or a romantic holiday with the one you love will help you make you realize the importance of the relations in your life. As per the study, travelling with family has made it to the top 10 for the list of trending holiday getaways.

“A journey is best measured in friends rather than in miles”TIM CAHILLNowadays, people go to different countries or locations in pursuit of a better career. As a result of that, the bonds with parents & relatives starts to fade off , so it is important in today’s world, that we make time and take a family holiday.
Travelling with friends will help you recreate the long lost friendships or the distance due to lack of time. Whether it is a weekend getaway with office colleagues or a weeklong vacation with high school friends, spending time together will make you understand why you are still friends apart from having some differences and a busy lifestyle.
Travel will also give you the chance to make some new friends. You can befriend the locals or some fellow travellers you met on the way. You can share your experiences and also listen to theirs, it’s a great way to learn something new whilst enjoying your holidays.

8. In search of an adventure

One of the top reasons why people travel is to explore different parts of the world in search of an adventure. The feeling you get when you try new adventures makes you feel alive. The Adrenaline rush gives you the exhilarating feeling of going to new places and trying different things. It helps you conquer your fears. It might be climbing a mountain, doing some adventure sports like skydiving, scuba diving or maybe just trying spicy food on a corner of a street in a new location. The feeling of adventure that you take home from a holiday as a souvenir is priceless.

9. Relaxing and rejuvenating

You might not be an adventure seeker or looking for any escapes from life, but you still need to travel to relax and rejuvenate yourself. A relaxing sun bed, good weather, sandy beach and a drink to hand is a wishful setting that everyone desires. You’ll have no pressure of home, meeting deadlines, phone calls or emails.
Everybody’s idea of relaxing is different. One can go trek through the forest, getaway in the mountains or a have a chilled out comfortable stay at a luxury resort. But the feeling you will gain and experience through that trip will stay with you forever. When you head back home, you will get back to your daily life with more enthusiasm.

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