25 Best Instagram Accounts Which Will Truly Inspire You To Travel !

Travel Instagram account to follow

Are you a travel Junkie or a wanderlust ? Need some inspiration in your day to day life? Are you thinking of the travelling the world but can’t fulfill your travel desire at the moment?Take a look at this list of 25 Best Instagram Accounts of travelers and get your daily dose of inspiration through these awesome photographs.

Instagram has majorly become part of our life. Out of all the other social media platforms Instagram has gain it’s value and became my personal favorite for quite some time. As they say “Picture says thousand word” comes true on Instagram. People share their awesome pics on Instagram where whole world can see them. If you think it in a slightly different way you will notice that people are not only just sharing their pics but sharing parts of their life stories. It has become my daily routine to observe the insta pages of these travelers and live their lives through their pics.

There are several Best travel Instagram accounts out there, my favorite includes @natgeoadventure ,  @goproBut for this post I wanted to highlight the people’s personal accounts.

So, Let’s dive deep into the digital world of awesome photographs and explore their insta pages.

Instagram Accounts to Follow


Murad has a series of incredible photos known as #FollowMeTo, which portrays his girlfriend is taking him to the places through their journey—From the most populated to the secluded part of the world. His Instagram account has some of most liked instagram posts. The couple has posted awsome pics from the their recent trip to taiwan. The city of Taipei which is capital city of taiwan has been pictured perfectly in these pics. Plus the pics from Cuba and Dubai are breathtaking.

Check Out His Instagram Page


Lauren is famous as Australia’s first professional Instagramer, Lauren has been capturing beautiful photos of her travels and sharing them for the rest of us. Her latest skiing trip to Utah in united states was fascinating she has shared her awesome experience with american travelers and beautiful pics of her awesome journey.

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This girl travels round the world doing social influencing and have incredible passions for traveling. She is all into the mountain sports. She is an environmental activist, and lives in Wilderness Wandering Mostly in Mountains taking awesome photographs. Backpacking, kayaking, skiing are some of the adventures you can see through her photos. Her recent trip to Utah was a great adventure for skiing season.

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Her love for travel and beauty is at par. She gets blown away from long beautiful landscapes. If you love such awesome skyline and long fresh beaches then travel to such beautiful locations with our Caribbean offers.

Her recent trip to Morocco Marrakesh has been a wonderful adventure. You can see that in her pics of the luxurious hotels and the Sahara desert at Morocco.

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She loves to capture the sheer beauty of nature from up close. She loves to hike and backpack. Great Photographer with an immense urge to travel and adventure.

Check Out Her Instagram Page

6. @doounias

Doounias is a passionate travel photographer hailing from Switzerland. She is a Founder of BestDiscovery & Co-Founder of Switzerland Vacations and owner of one of the best Instagram accounts. Travels around the globe exploring awesome destinations. Her photos are almost as beautiful as her, with the combination of nature’s and human beauty makes her captures exceptional.

Check Out Her Instagram Page

7. @tentree

A nature lover who got the significance of saving the environment. Travelling to different parts of the world and seeing beautiful locations has opened her eyes about what the world offers us. So she took the initiative of planting trees to save the environment. Her company plants ten trees for every product sell to keep the nature alive. The group shares beautiful photos from all over the world like Norway, Germany, Indonesia, Bali, Australia . You can check the description for the original source of the pics.

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8. @muenchmax

Max is a freelance photographer. He mostly takes outdoor photographs. He loves to capture landscapes and adventure. Max always looks for the fresh perspective to capture the beauty and diversity of the world.

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9. @travisburkephotography

Unlike other adventure enthusiasts Travis has a creative approach towards adventure photography. He has that dedication to win everything that comes before him let it be a mountain, 400-foot canyon or anything, and his photography reflects that the location was worth the pain he had while reaching there.

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10. @jasoncharleshill

Jason is an adventure photographer from Australia. He had no formal training for hiking and exploring the wild, he is a self-taught man. He has a passion to travel the offbeat locations and his photography can perfectly portray his story.

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11. @stevint

Stevin is a photographer who capture himself while doing the adventure himself. He is passionate about the off-beaten photography locations. Adventure sports, landscape and lifestyle photography are the things he lives for.

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Konsta Punkka is a Squirrel Whisperer. He is a Nature and Lifestyle Photographer living in Helsinki Finland. His incredible wildlife photography will awestruck you. His profile is filled with some of best Instagram photos.

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Michael does very impressive portrait photography . Producing very powerful portraits through his camera is his speciality. He is also a photojournalist doing assignments in china, Libya and many other countries.

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14. @passionpassport

This is a community of travellers and photographers sharing their best vacation snaps. Mainly collection of images featuring waterfalls, mountains, cliffs, and exotic places.

Check Out This Instagram Page

15. @chrisburkard

Chris is one of the most famous adventure & landscape photographers. He has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. His pictures show people taking pats in outdoor activities on a very distant and beautiful places.

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16. @kardinalmelon

Like her Instagram profile caption, she likes to take photographs of places with lots of bright colors around. She was born and raised in a beautiful coastal town in western Turkey. Roaming the world taking awesome pics.

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17. @coryrichards

Cory Richards is a photojournalist, he is also a national geographic photographer. His mountain climbing photos are an incredible example of outdoor photography.

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18. @dotzsoh

Dotz is from Singapore. She loves traveling and taking photos mostly with her iPhone. I hope you like her creation. She is been around lots of luxurious places like Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, and many more.

Check Out Her Instagram Page

19. @theblondeabroad

Kiersten is a very famous travel photographer and blogger. She is from California and roams around the world in search of exotic locations. Check out more such exotic locations. She left her carrier in corporate finance to travel the world. Her trip to Seychelles is filled with beautiful beaches and awesome sunny weather.

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20. @ColeRise

Cole Rise is a featured photographer on some famous magazines, CD covers and art blogs. He has a thing for landscape photography. you must have used one of his filters on Instagram.

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21. @michutravel

Michelle is a travel photographer, graphic designer and foodie. Sandy beaches and luxury resorts are her Weaknesses. She travels around the world and shares photographs of different luxury resorts and locations she stays in. follow this luxury Instagram account for more pics from her. If you are fond of the same luxurious travel we have lots of luxury hotels in Dubai which can prove to be a deal-breaker for you.

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22. @maxrivephotography

Max is crazy about exploring the mountains. He is a passionate photographer who takes down mountains. He does best what he is good at; his photos make me wonder every time I see them.

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23. @joelschat

Joel is a videographer, he makes videos about outdoor travels, adventures and about everything he feels to capture. He worked with Natgeo, BBC and Porsche. He is going to start his journey to mountains across the world in Himalayas, Andes, Russia, New Zealand etc.

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24. @tiffpenguin

Tiffany is a dentist by profession belongs to southern California. She works on her job on weekdays and transforms into a whole other person as an adventure seeker. She lives to tell stories through her photographs, exploring the natural landscape, living through her van, soaking up nature. The exotic and untouched places at some awesome locations like Cebu, Banff, Alberta, Havasupai are her targeted locations.

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25. @matthewhahnel

Matthew Hannel is a native of Colorado. He is an Adventure photographer, world traveller having an incredible zest for life. He has traveled to many beautiful countries including Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Peru, Dubai.

Check Out His Instagram Page

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Hope you had a great time reading this and had explored some kickass Instagram accounts to follow. If you are a travel enthusiast and want to travel to such locations check out some cool destinations which can satisfy your love for travel. We have great package holidays designed to every corner of the world. And if you want to design your own package holidays with our travel expert. Just give a call at 020 81507676 and get your account in the list of great Instagram accounts by uploading awesome pics.

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