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The place of thousand smiles, Thailand gloats a captivating mix of a portion of the world’s finest shorelines, stunning scenes and an astonishing exhibit of Hotels- going from straightforward and beautiful shoreline or city inns to extravagance resorts. Wonder through clamoring urban areas, unwind on isolated shores, Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. A family family Thailand holidays is what you need to get away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life. What’s more, with a lot of Domestic flights on offer – getting around couldn’t be less easy. Just call to our travel expert or request a quote for Holidays to Thailand on email holidays website.

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About Thailand:

Thailand is a southeast Asian country, which is famous for its white lush beaches, ancient ruins and Buddhism. Bangkok is capital of Thailand. Lots of attractions are there including nearby beach resorts include bustling Pattaya and fashionable Hua Hin.
Here is some information when you go on Thailand Holidays.
Local Currency: Thai Baht (1 THB≈ 0.023£)
Capital City: Bangkok
Language: Thai , English.
Flight time from London: Approximately 11 hours.
Arrival Airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport
British passport holders will get on arrival visa for 30 days.

Top Destinations to See in Thailand

Thailand is the blessed with natural heritage and beautiful sandy beaches. The tropical forests and awesome islands will give you experience of lifetime. Here are some of the best places you must see in Thailand .
1. Railay Beach
2. Koh Phi Phi
3. The Grand Palace, Bangkok
4. Chiang Mai
5. Pai
6. Khao Yai National Park
7. Sukhothai Old City
8. Historic City of Ayutthaya
9. Doi Suthep
10. Floating Markets

Climate During Holidays to Thailand

Thailand is tropical country, so it’s hot and sticky all year around with temperatures stays between 28-32°C .
There are three seasons in Thailand :

Cool: From November to the finish of February, it doesn’t rain much and temperatures are at their least, in spite of the fact that you will scarcely see the distinction in the south and will just need to pack a sweater if climbing in the northern mountains, where temperatures can fall as low as 5°C. This is the most well known time to go on Holidays to Thailand and, particularly around Christmas and New Year’s or at Chinese New Year half a month later, discovering flights and convenience can be costly and troublesome.

Hot: From March to June, Thailand swelters in temperatures as high as 40°C (104°F). Sufficiently charming when sitting on the shoreline with a drink close by, yet not the best time of year to go sanctuary tramping in Bangkok.

Rain: From July to October, despite the fact that it just truly gets going in September, tropical rainstorm hit the vast majority of the nation. This doesn’t mean it downpours relentless, yet when it does it pours and flooding is normal.


Thai culture is intensely affected by Buddhism. Nonetheless, not at all like the Buddhist nations of East Asia, Thailand’s Buddhists go to the Theravada school, which is seemingly nearer to its Indian roots.
Thai sanctuaries known as wats, dazzling with gold and effectively identifiable with their fancy, colorful, pointy rooftops are omnipresent and turning into an orange-robed monks for a short period. When you are on Holidays to Thailand don’f forget to wai (Bending polity with the palms pressed against each other ) the monks.


Khao niao or “sticky rice” is glutinous rice – for the most part eaten dry, customarily by hand, with flame broiled/browned pork or chicken or hamburger. It is particularly well known in North-Eastern (Isan) and Northern regions, yet is generally accessible all through the nation.

Fried giant rice noodles with soy sauce and chicken is famous Thai dish.
Thais are great noodle eaters. The most common kind is rice noodles, served small and large , egg noodles , Chinese-style stuffed wonton ravioli and glass noodles made from mung beans are also popular.

Soups and curries
The Difference between soups and curries is somewhat fluffy, and many dishes the Thais call curries would be soups to an Indian. A plate of rice with a Spoonful of a curry or two on top, known as khao kaeng, is an extremely famous dinner dish.

Street Food
Street Food in Thailand unites different offerings of prepared to-eat suppers, snacks,  sold by peddlers or sellers at sustenance slows down or food trucks in the city side in Thailand. Examining Thai street food is a prominent schedule for guests, as it offers a look of Thai cooking custom. Bangkok is regularly said as one of the best place for street food. In 2012, Bangkok was positioned as the main spot for street food — the city is prominent for both its assortment of offerings and the gratitude of road vendors.

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