North America (USA & Canada Holidays)

“I ♥ America” , You will defiantly find a guy who is wearing this T-shirt. And Why not ? Everyone loves america. Such a beautiful and majestic country with breathtaking natural beauty. It has small towns and also worlds biggest cosmopolitan cities. There are several attractions available in USA and Canada for every type of traveler and adventurer.

Roam on the streets of New York city observing jungle of tall buildings around you. Gamble at Las Vegas casino, enjoy with your family at Disney world, explore the Grand Canyon , Pose like ‘statue of liberty’ , hike the rocky mountains and come down skiing on the white snow. Do whatever you want , fill your heart with joy and absorb that american spirit.  Email Holidays provide wide range of packages to choose from . Just call our travel expert or just request a quote on our website to book the North America Holidays

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Top Sights To See On USA & Canada Holidays


NiagaraFalls- USA & Canada Holidays

When on USA & Canada Holidays don’t forget to see the Worlds largest water fall serves as a international border between two contries. Come and enjoy the scenic beauty of the falling water.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney World - North America

Enjoy, play, wonder, meet the Disney stars, celebrate our family vacation Disney style. Immerse yourself in the bizarre world of toons and awesome rides. Disney Orlando is one of the Best attractions in North America.

National Park

Yellowstone National Park - North America Holidays

A Iconic volcano hot spot filled with canyons, forests, hot springs , geysers also home to the animals like bears, wolves and many other.


Grand Canyon -

A collection of red rocks which seemed to be layered artistically. With Colorado river gushing the white water through them.

Statue Of

Statue of liberty

One of the seven wonders of the world Is situated in North America, statue of liberty stands still on the liberty islands of the New York City.

National Park

yellostone - USA & Canada Holidays

Hike, Backpack or ski in most beautiful place in the world. if you are looking for adventure, Vacation spot, lonely time all that with closeness to nature come to Yosemite National Park.


Central Park - USA & Canada Holidays

A biggest urban park in middle of Manhattan, spread over 778 acres is the iconic monuments in USA. It is also on of the most filmed location in country.

Golden Gate

goldan gate bridge- north america holidays

A suspension bridge connecting San Francisco and California is the most photographed bridge. The beauty of the bridge is mesmorising both in day and night.

Customs and traditions of North America

Baby Shower —North America, child showers are a prominent path for youthful guardians to praise a pending child birth with garments or fundamental supplies.
Boxing Day – This open event in the majority of the Commonwealth is commended directly after Christmas and it is for the most part known as a shopping occasion.
Casual Friday -famous initialism “Thank God it’s Friday”, easygoing Friday is a typical approach to praise the upcoming end of the week in North America.
Halloween -This spooky occasion celebrated on October 31st is currently outstanding around the globe, yet festivity in the United States of America and Canada is likely the most conventional.
Potluck– A potluck is a communal meal where guests bring dishes to share.
Prom– In north America high school graduation parties are called prom, and they are a big deal to the girls and guys. People dress up in formal suits and dresses and go to their special night.
Tailgate Party —This get-together is hung nearby the open back end of a vehicle, as a rule in the parking area at stadiums and fields before a show.
Thanksgiving —This statutory occasion, held on the second Monday of October in Canada, is an ideal opportunity to expressing appreciation at the end of the gather season. Individuals ordinarily appreciate a family dinner amid the three-day long end of the week.

Best Time To Go On North America Holidays

Best season to travel to North America will always be a debatable topic. Some say it’s the summer time when the ice has melted and the new bloom decorates the landscape beautifully, Or some say its between October and November.
We believe that you have to find that sweet spot in a year to visit North America.
If you want to see the polar bear in Churchill, Canada October and November will be the best time or March when new born step out of the icy cold homes for the first time.
If you want to visit the national parks of US and Canada October can be your month of escape. Until mid September the wildflowers in Alaska are on full bloom. If you are a hiker canyons in USA are the places for you. But heat in July will be dangerous so try going in winters when they are snow covered and fewer tourists. So, choose your package holidays according to your travel plan.

Weather On USA & Canada Holidays

clear sky
humidity: 32%
wind: 3mph NNW
H 94 • L 81
Weather from OpenWeatherMap

overcast clouds
humidity: 57%
wind: 18mph SSW
H 49 • L 48
Weather from OpenWeatherMap

Grand Canyon
clear sky
humidity: 92%
wind: 5mph S
H 42 • L 34
Weather from OpenWeatherMap

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