Caribbean Holidays

In case you are searching for a perfect beach vacation where you can relax, enjoy, spend some quality time with your family Caribbean island is the place for you. Bunch of islands with sandy beaches and beautiful beaches, studded with corals with clean and pristine waters will take your breath away. Water activities like scuba diving , parceling, deep sea diving, island hopping are famous here. Each Island will give you the unique Caribbean holiday experience. Check out our cheap Caribbean holidays 2017 packages.

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Top Places to see on Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean Holidays

Get On the Boat and set course to the horizon. Fun filled, adventurous and full of thrills holidays are waiting for you on the beautiful shore of Antigua.
Spend the day on the beach bay and get drunk on Scily cay. Snorkel in clear blue water, Party Hard on Thursday night & try exotic food. Enjoy the culture with cocktail.
The Bahamas
A Iconic beach where you can relax at beautiful beaches, get the dolphin experience, snorkel and scuba dive, enjoy sunbathing and attend Junakanoo festival.
Dominican Republic
The Island is famous for adventure sports. Climb the mountains, surf, windsurf and kite-surf. Enjoy unique natural phenomenon of boiling lake.
Puerto Rico
Enjoy the dance of bio-luminescent insects at mosquito bay. Do zip lining , surfing , whale watching. Also pay a visit to unique Mona island ecological reserve.
US Virgin Islands
Virgin Island National Park and magnificent golf course give an unique taste to the natural beauty of these islands. Enjoy the sandy beaches with few drinks and gamble at bay casino.
British Virgin Islands
Explore the caves at the Baths, Snorkel and scuba dive at brewers bay, explore shipwrecks at Rhone, relax at white bay with drinks in hand. you can take a sailing lesson and sail to the horizon.
St. Lucia
Are you looking for romance, rejuvenation or adventure? St. Lucia will be ideal location for your holiday needs. A perfect tropical gateway with dense rain-forest, welcoming locals and calm beaches.

Best time to visit Caribbean weather wise

As observed by every tourist been to the Caribbean, weather is always pleasant round the year. With temperature crawling between 24°-29° and the moderate rainfall makes the islands more beautiful,green and leafy. Ideal months to plan your package holidays will be October to April when climate is little cooler. From May to November weather can be little upsetting with the possibility of hurricanes on some islands.

The best time to visit the Caribbean can varry according to your budget, type of holiday, and the island you are staying in. Weather also affects he aquatic life. Turtles, Migrating birds and other species have their favorite season to visit Caribbean islands. Choose your package holidays accordingly to enjoy the full glory of The Caribbean.

Food and Drinks

Give your taste buds a treat of very different kind. Chicken cooked in Jamaican style with the company of the coconut rice. Take a sip of the famous mount gay rum on the tour of rum factory in Barbados. If you fancy chocolates Caribbean is he best place to be. Jamaican coco chocolates will melt in your mouth and will give you the experience of paradise.

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Best hotel in Caribbean

How to move around in Caribbean

If you are planning to travel from one island to another , then probably this will be the most expensive part of the trip. Most of the islands require a plane trip which can be booked online while ferries run between some islands. many of these ferries are fast and modern but are pricey. And run mostly everyday.
Small airplane are also an option. The price vary according to the popularity of route.

Safety and Health

There are no particular precautions to be taken before going to Caribbean. But you should take precautions for sunburns.
In case of any emergency call

Police 211
Ambulance 511
Fire 311


Caribbean island like Barbados are fairly safe. Street and local crimes are low.

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